Kyle focuses on soft, natural-looking layers. When working with color, he specializes in a technique called "Balayage".


Balayage or Baliage

Taken from the French, meaning "to sweep", this is a technique of highlighting that is more off an art than the typical foil style of highlighting.  Kyle finds the balayage technique to be a more natural looking effect.  Think sun kissed from hanging out on the beach all summer.  By using one sweep of the brush, several differ colors are created: a lowlight, a mid-light, and a highlight.  This gives much more of a dimension than other conventional types of highlighting.

Blondes end up with that perfect Cameron Diaz blonde that you so wish for.  What about that "bronde" that Jennifer Aniston has been rockin for years?  Brunettes end up with caramels and gold accents.  What about our dark headed girls?  Does a hint of honey sound good?  Just enough to say "I'm carefree enough to enjoy the outdoors a bit".  The trick is to look like its natural. . .and not be.  To fool the boys into thinking its effortless.  We all know what it really takes.  But no one else will.



Ombr√© is a fashion that took off somewhere mid 2009.  The trick is to have your hair darker at the roots and hints of highlights throughout the bottom, without looking two toned.  As we all know, it's got to be tricker than it looks.  How many girls do you see and think "she needs to get her roots done".  The goal is to not need to get your roots done, and it still look fabulous. Balayage is ideal for this, because it's a more precise and artistic way of placing these "hints" of lightness through the bottom.