So, you feel like our hair isn't thick enough?  You've been growing your hair for eeeeveeerrrrr.  And it won't get any longer.  Extensions will give you just what your looking for.

There are several options available, depending on your needs.  Kyle has several systems that he works with.  Your hair density, texture, and length all play a role in what type would best suit your needs.  At this time, Kyle works with PURE extensions, HotHeads, and keratin fusion extensions.

A quick education. . .

The best type of hair is "remy" hair.  This is a misleading term that is thrown around by the hair world, and most people don't know what it is.  Remy hair is hair that is laid together in a fashion when the cuticle of all the strands are going the same way.  That way, there is less frizz.  Its an expensive and time consuming process where all the strands are examined under a microscope.  Extensions are basically made up of about 20-40 individual pieces of hair attached together with keratin at the top (for individual strands).  Wefts can be made of of a few thousand strands in a 4-10 inch weft.  Usually a glue or sticky resin is used to hold them in place.  The actual hair comes  from a variety of locations.  India, China, and Russia are the most common.  Depending on your hair type, a specific type is chosen.  Indian hair is courser and wavy.  Chinese hair is much straighter and average in diameter.  Russian hair is much finer and straight to straight/wavy.  Some are a mixture of these regions.  Sometimes the hair you purchase can be better than your own because The actual hair can be colored any color you wish.  The typical process takes much longer than in the salon.  Because of the longer process, dark hair, even black, can be lightened to blonde without blowing out the cuticle.  This process leaves the hair silky and shiny.  Almost better than your own hair!



This is a non-abrasive, environmentally safe application that uses 100% human Remy hair.  This is one of the only choices that uses no glue, heat, or harsh chemicals in the application process.  Tiny bonds are uses to bind the hair to your hair at the root.  The bond is made to "give" Rather than rip your hair out when pulled or tugged to hard.  As our hair grows out, the extension grows out as well.  Every 4-6 weeks a maintenance appointment is required and the extensions are "cleaned up" and moved back up to the root.  This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours.  One of the benefits of PURE is that the same hair can be repeatedly used, assuming your hair stays the same length.  Eventually the tip of the extension dissolves and new hair is required.  Hair will need to be purchased roughly 3 times a year.

Kyle doing a PURE Extensions Demo





This is an adhesive weft extension system.  The hair is 100% human remy hair.  This is an extremely fast and beautiful procedure that can lengthen and thicken your hair.  There is no heat or tools involved.  Your hair is simply sandwiched between to wefts, giving you a natural feel, flat to your head.  Again, the weft grows with the hair.  Every 4-6 weeks an adjustment is recommended to preserve your new hair.  The HotHeads are removed, shampooed, re-bonded, and then reapplied.  This takes about an hour and a half.


Keratin Tipped Bond Extensions

There are several brands of keratin tipped hair out there.  Some examples are Hairdreams and Keratip.  This is a process where heat is applied to the bond at the base of your hair, slightly off the root.  The keratin is bonded to your hair, strand by strand (meaning 15-30 actual pieces of hair).  This process takes roughly 4 hours, depending on the amount of hair.  The maintenance of this process is similar to other systems.  The hair is removed with an adhesive, your hair is washed and dried and then the extensions are reapplied.  This same hair cannot be used.  New hair must be purchased each time.  This is the more expensive of the processes for extensions.  Unlike wefts, you can add highlight/lowlights on a more individual basis.


Which type is best for you?

The consultation process is your first appointment.  At this time, kyle will discuss your options, hair types, the process involved, pricing and maintenance.  You colors will be matched and a deposit of 1/2 the estimate price is taken at this time.  Your hair will be shipped out the next day from the manufacturer and an appointment will be set up as soon as possible.  Hair is not generally kept on site, as to there or an infinite amount of colors available, and the best possible choice is made for you.           

I've heard that extensions damage the hair?

These are processes that are not for everyone.  Most of the time hair gets damaged from lack of maintenance on the part of the client.  This is an investment in your hair.  You would not purchase a Mercedes and not change the oil when it is recommended by the dealer.  We can only guarantee the product when a maintenance schedule is followed.  Every 4 weeks to 3 months are recommended for maintenance, depending on the product type.

Sometimes there is a lack of experience on part of the hairdresser.  Less experienced hairdressers charge less.  Sometimes you get what you pay for. . .  Damaged hair and broken roots.  Enough said.